Video Inspections

Our See Snake Camera inspections provide customers with an accurate evaluation of exactly what the problems are and exactly which parts need repairs. Our inspection jobs save the customer a lot of time and money by eliminating the digging that otherwise would need to be done.

Video Camera Inspections gives you a view of the inside of your sewer line and lets you see what, where, and why you are having drain problems. Camera Inspections show depth and exact location of your pipe up to 200 feet and can inspect pipes of 3” or more in diameter. The camera can show the breaks, type and condition of sewer line, flat areas, and can determine the depth and direction the line is going towards.

Pipe CleaningCamera Inspections:

  • Locate Drain Lines
  • Determine Pipe Type
  • Depth and Length of Lines
  • Video Diagnostics – Condition of Pipe
  • Septic Tank Location and Pipe Inspection
  • Locate Objects (jewelery, toys, etc.)
  • Locate Leaks and Broken Lines

We do concrete or pavement cutting and removal, excavation, pipe replacement. We provide proper piping, fittings, clean-outs, backfill, compaction, concrete and pavement replaced if needed. All work is of the highest quality, professional grade, and done according to Code.

The plumbers at Jetter Plumbing can replace or repair those old, worn out water or sewer lines in no time. We can also install new sewer and water lines for any residence or commercial building. Our sewer line replacement includes excavation, a two-way clean-out, all piping, fittings, supplies, labor, and permit(s). Contact us or call 253-761-6554 today for service.

We Provide Solutions

If your water lines are worn out and leaking, we will diagnose the problem and give you options for repairs or replacement including excavation, piping, and connection to the water meter or well. We also provide new water line installation for residential or commercial construction.